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News Release MURRAY, MILLER, POCAN INTRODUCE BILL TO INVEST IN APPRENTICESHIPS, INCREASE SKILLED WORKERS Promoting Apprenticeships for Credentials and Employment Act (PACE Act) By 2018 the U.S. Read More...
Right to Work For Less
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  State and Federal Certification   CDL Medical Certification Why does the State and Federal authorities require self certification. In 2007, Federal and State authorities found over 100,000 commercial vehicle drivers were operating illegally without a valid medical certificates. Read More...
Lampson Builds LTL-3000


PASCO, WA - You may have noticed the bright orange and white crane towering above the railroad yard in Pasco.   It's actually the world's largest twin crawler mobile crane being built in the Tri-Cities by Lampson International LLC.


The Transi-Lift LTL-3000 is 400 feet tall and a little more than 200 feet wide; it can lift around 3000 metric tons.  It was originally built for Hitachi, a Japanese engineering and electronics company in Japan, to help build power plants. However, the country's nuclear program is currently under suspension. 


Lampson representatives say building the mammoth machine was challenging and rewarding, at the same time.   "We took a big step from our smaller machines and did an all-new hydraulic hoisting system...all-new electronics and computer controls," said Randy Stemp, the engineering projects manager at Lampson International. 


"Even though we are a small company right here in the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington, we are helping other countries around the world. I think that says a lot about manufacturing in Washington state," added Kate Lampson, the director of public relations at the company.  “All Transi-lift models boast precise maneuverability, adjustable stinger length, and multiple boom/jib combinations allowing us to work in smaller footprints and challenging spaces,” Lampson says. “In addition, our new LTL-3000 model has new joystick controls in our operator’s cab, hydraulic hoisting capabilities, a newly designed enclosed engine compartment, a 3,000 ton front crawler giving us 33 percent larger crawler capacity, a larger boom section at 16 by 20 feet and an increase from 1.5 inch diameter wire rope to 2-inch wire rope.” 


It took about two years to build the Transi-Lift LTL-3000. Lampson says the machine will stay in the Tri-Cities until Hitachi finalizes its plans. 

New Video Gallery Section

Check Out Our New Video Gallery Section!

Watch Mr. Romney address the ABC at a convention in Phoenix.  He will explain in great detail exactly what his position is on Union Labor.  This video is a must see!!!


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Operating Engineers Commercial

Check Out the Operating Engineers Commercial!!!

Hi brothers and sisters ,
A very proud moment !!! Just want to share the first ever IUOE commercial that we will begin running in April on The American Way TV !!!! It has been a LONG hard road to get here and we did not make it without a lot of help from many of you ….. It is our chance to show America what an IUOE member does , that we are skilled proffessionals and have much to offer as an organization .
Tony & Angie Walker
Hosts and Producers
The American Way TV

Look it up under our Video Gallery!


Operating Engineers Certification Program

The Operating Engineers Certification Program (OECP) is designed to provide members of the International Union of Operating Engineers a means to obtain a valid and reliable certification that accurately assesses their competence in crane operations, thereby directly promoting a safer jobsite environment for the worker, the public, and the industry.

Currently the program offers certifications on the following crane types:

  • Boom Truck Crane
  • Lattice Boom Crane
  • Overhead Crane
  • Telescopic Boom Crane
  • Tower Crane

Requirements for certification include the following:

  • Be a member in good standing with the International Union of Operating Engineers.
  • Possess a valid U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Card or a state issued Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Medical Card.
  • Comply with the OECP’s substance abuse policy.  
  • Have 1,000 hours of documented crane-related experience and/or training in the last five (5) years.  Note: For tower cranes, 500 hours of this 1,000 hour requirement must be in documented, tower crane-related experience and/or training. 
  • Pass written examinations (mobile crane candidates must pass the mobile crane written examination; overhead crane candidates must pass the overhead crane written examination; and tower crane candidates must pass the tower crane written examination).
  • Pass practical examination(s).

Written examinations include those assessing knowledge particular to mobile cranes (including both lattice and telescopic boom cranes), knowledge particular to overhead cranes, and others assessing tower crane knowledge.

Candidates who pass the written examination(s), and who meet all other eligibility requirements, may then attempt the associated practical examination(s) for that particular crane type.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the OECP Main Office at 951-351-4001 or e-mail at

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